This popular type of leather has been around since the 1980’s, and is quickly becoming a classic. The grain type is a bit bigger and flatter than other available leathers (like the grainy Togo), which may result in cracking around the edges of the bag, although is can easily be refurbished to as good as new. Made from baby bull, ‘veau taurillon clemence’, or just simply ‘clemence’, is a durable and heavy material which is why it is one of the slouchier leathers- although many women see that as a great advantage. Much like everything else in life, there is one downside to the Hermes Clemence Leather: water can produce unsightly blisters on the bag, so being careful around rain and other water is a must.

Tips for handling Clemence leather:
-Be careful around water, as water can cause water blisters that are almost impossible to remove. Always wipe down immediately after contact with water.
-If the heavy yet durable leather starts cracking around the edges, get it refurbished.




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